Thursday, August 1, 2013

School Registration + Tax-Free Weekend

Thursday, August 1, 2013

I registered three of our four kids yesterday, registration for the oldest is not until Monday.  They are so excited to go back to school. They are eager to make friends. Over the summer our oldest made the high school cheerleading team, so she has already had the opportunity to make new friends and I assume has proven herself friendly since she has already had friends over to hang out and stay the night. 

As I had posted on Facebook, the registration went great! While there it was mentioned a time or two or three about how organized I was ;)  Apparently not all students come prepared with all of the paperwork that is needed. I, put on a good show, and came completely prepared...BOOYAH!

We met with the Assistant Principal. She shared with us how they are a tight-knit group there at the school. She and the Principal give out birthday presents to all the students...a perk of going to a small school I certainly caught my kids' attention!

I also learned that I will not have breakfast duty once school resumes...yes, be jealous! All students are given a FREE breakfast every morning that is served in their classroom. Of course, I am trying not to be too excited, with my luck they will serve one of the kajillion things that my kids do not even like for's to hoping though!!

And as if that was not enough good "going back to school" news...this weekend is tax-free weekend in Missouri! 

Happy Back to School Everyone!!

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