Wednesday, August 14, 2013

High School...We Got This!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Our oldest starts high school this year.

In less than 24 hours.

We attended her open house the other night. As I was following her from room to room, wading through a sea of teens and their parents, I started looking around and thinking about how some of these kids, maybe most of these kids here tonight, could play a role, whether it be big or small, in how the next four years of her life will go. 

Then I got scared. 

For her.

For me. 

We are new. We do not know very many people at all. We do not know their backgrounds. Do we share the same faith? Do they even have a faith? Are they nice? Are they mean? Will they introduce temptations to her that I have protected her from so far?

The reality is that there will be other Christians there and there will be those who do not have a belief system. There will be nice people and there will be mean people. Unfortunately, she will more than likely face temptation there over the next four years...that is what Satan does. 

So what as a parent, will I do, to help the next four years to be successful?

First of all, we will continue our before school prayer time. Every morning before school we pray together that we will have a good day, make wise choices, learn what is being taught to us and to be a light for Christ to others. 

Second, I will trust that the foundation my husband and I have laid for her will remain firm. That she will remember the times she has heard "it is easier to bring someone down than to pull someone up..choose your friends wisely" and "you are known by the friends you keep..again choose your friends wisely" from us. 

Finally...I will pray fervently for her and her friends. They will spend more awake time with her than I will on most days, I need them to be just as strong as I know our daughter is, so I will cover them in prayer too. 

Our oldest has a very strong faith. She has seen the Lord work in her own life even at her young age. Her heart's desire is to be used by Him in a mighty way. While I am nervous about the "junk" that her and every teenager has to face today, I am thankful that she serves a God who is bigger and mightier than anything that Satan could ever throw at her!

On a lighter note....please pray for me and her dad...we are parents to a high school(er)...who is not shy about her interest in boys....yikes...lots of prayers folks, lots of prayer ;)

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  1. You are brave to send her to public school. My grandchildren are all homeschooled, and it gives me such peace of mind. Not to mention it is good that they love it and they test very high. Keep up the prayers!



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