Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Finally...We Have Moved

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

And we could not be any happier. We are incredibly blessed to be in our "forever" home and it is everything we wanted and more!!

It was only the third house we went to look at...technically the second. The very first house the realtor took us to was too treacherous to even get to. The pictures we saw told us that is was beautiful home, however, I am not even sure how it was ever built due to the incredibly steep downhill driveway. A drive by was enough for us to know that it was not the house for us.

The second house had most of what we were looking for in regards to the outside. It had a lot of acreage and a barn, but unfortunately the house was too small for this family of six.

Then we came to the third house. It was a little above our price range, but it had everything we were looking for. It had five bedrooms (each child could have their own space, something that they had all been longing for), it had three bathrooms (no more fighting over who has to use the bathroom the worst..I mean really, how do you referee that argument?), it had acreage AND it had a barn...the one pictured above (isn't it a beaut!)

After all the praying that had been done, I knew this was to be our home. After we saw it once, we both knew. We took our moms out to see it..and they both knew. So we made an offer. After a little bit of counter offerings, we and the seller came to an agreement.

It has been about two months since we have moved here and I think I am still in disbelief. We have waited so long for this home. Sometimes I look around and I am overwhelmed with gratitude. We are so undeserving, yet the Lord saw fit to bless us in a way that only He can.

My cup runneth over...

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