Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Schnucks: Double Coupons

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

This week from Thurs. - Sat.  Schnucks is doubling the first 15 coupons up to a $1.00.

Sometime prior to the holidays, Schnucks began running a couple of different coupon promotions.

One week they tripled coupons up to $0.50 for  your first 15 coupons. ( ex:  $0.50 would triple to a $1.50.)

Then a couple of weeks later they doubled coupons up to $1.00 for your first 15 coupons. (ex: $1.00 would double to $2.00)

I really took advantage and stocked up our pantry.

I was worried this was only going to be for the holidays, but it looks like this might be something they do on a regular basis...I sure hope so!

Once I gather my coupons, I will share some of the better deals!!

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