Friday, January 13, 2012

NEW: Pinterest Fridays

Friday, January 13, 2012
It's no secret that I totally love Pinterest.

My neice, Amber, was the one who sent me my invite.

Isn't she so beautiful!

I have thanked her several a million times for introducing me to my new love.

And come to find out she loves it too!!

So we decided that Fridays will now be Pinterest Friday. We will get together and make one recipe and one craft together. Then later that afternoon I will blog about them.

We were supposed to start today, buuuuut someone (not me) has the stomach flu.

I was just too excited to not do anything though, so while my youngest was at preschool, I decided to make Buffalo Chicken Bites.

                                    Sorry about the picture quality, I used my cell phone...

I tweeked the recipe a little (I know I probably should not have after the Earthquake Cake disaster) but thankfully they turned out wonderful!!

The complete recipe can be found at What's Cookin' Chicago?, lots of other recipes to be found there too!

Check back next Friday to see what Pinterest pins have caught our eyes!

Linking up to Finer Things Fridays.

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