Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Earthquake Cake = Pinterest Fail

Wednesday, January 11, 2012
                                                                      Picture and recipe found at Ideas Come From Brownies via Pinterest.

Tell me that just doesn't look heavenly.

Tell me and I won't believe you!!

When I came across this recipe on Pinterest and realized that I had all of the ingredients (ok I didn't have enough butter and had to pick some up) I could not wait to make it.

I bragged about my new chocolate recipe to my sister and my neice..chocoholics. We are all chocoholics.

I promised I would save them a piece.

You can imagine my disappointment when it was a FAIL.

I made my two mixes.

I spooned my cream cheese mixture, just how I was supposed to.

But it tasted just like a regular old chocolate cake. Not that chocolate cakes taste bad or anything, but you know I was waiting for my earth to quake or quiver or something.


I went back over the way I made it..

I did omit the coconut..we I don't do coconut.

I did omit the peanuts..I wanted my kids to be able to take a slither in their lunches and they attend a peanut free school.

I did have some left over cream cheese mixture...I was just sure that the original baker must have been smokin' something, I mean where on earth was I going to put ALL of that cream cheese in my 9x13 pan.

And that is the moment I understood why it didn't turn out like hers at Ideas Come From Brownies.

I should have followed her complete directions. So technically it is not a Pinterest fail, but a Penny fail.

However my family appears to have enjoyed my "failure".

Check out the complete recipe here. I probably will give it another try sometime but will follow ALL. OF. THE. DIRECTIONS.

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