Thursday, March 22, 2012

Radish Plants For Landscaping

Thursday, March 22, 2012
When we went to our local nursery for advice about our garden, one of the questions we asked was what can we not kill..seriously.

Radishes, he said. They make nice greenery too. He also told us that landscaping businesses often use them for "looks".

AND he told us that we could pretty much throw the seeds anywhere and they would grow. They are very hardy.

Hmmm...I thought...I do like radishes and I like things that serve more than one purpose.

So we bought a pack.

One afternoon, Ethan, our house gardener, and I decided we wanted to get these babies planted. Deciding to take advantage of their pretty foliage, we planted them in our front yard, next to the driveway.

We didn't just throw them out there though, we tilled the ground, weeded the area and took great care in placing a few seeds every five or six inches as recommended.

Every morning we check them and water the area if needed. We search to see if there are any sprouts coming up.

I checked this morning as usual. It rained last night, so no need to water. There were not any sprouts either that I saw. It rained all day. Then I went to leave to pick the kids up from school I looked down and saw these all up and down my driveway:

I was so excited! This is and probably will be the only thing that we will plant directly into the ground this year since we are container gardening.

Hopefully it won't rain tomorrow so I can clean up that area of the debris that came along with our rain today.

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