Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Meal Plan & Goals Week of 10/16

Tuesday, October 18, 2011
Yup. Yup.

It is Tuesday. Evening.

I do not have my meal plan posted.

I do not have my goals for the week ready.

Not that I have to make a new list since most of my goals for last week went unmet (Is that word??)

Last week went totally crazy on me.

We started it off with my oldest injuring herself at cheerleading practice that required a trip to the urgent care...she's alright. Her ankle not so much.

Pretend that there is a picture of my beautiful twelve year old here on crutches. I can't find my adapter to my camera..yeah, this week isn't going that great either.

Oh and then I get a letter sent home from my daughter's pre-school stating that she could not return to school this week if I did not have her BMI assessed, as well as, her diabetes risk assessed.

Call me crazy, but I was not worried. Nonetheless, I took her to the doctor anyway and waited.

And waited.

And waited...Guess what...she's tall for her age.

Who knew.

Okay..Okay..back to our meal plan for the week..

Sunday - 60th birthday for my husband's aunt - yeah we ate all. day. long.

Monday - Leftovers from above party.

Tuedasy - Clean out the freezer, fridge and pantry.

Wednesday - Pork Loin, mashed potatoes, corn & salad

Thursday - Grilled hamburgers, homemade french fries, pasta salad

Friday - Homemade Pizza using my tried and true pizza dough recipe

Saturday - Unsure at the moment, tentatively have plans to be out, but that could change. If it does, probably spaghetti, homemade bread & salad.

As far as my goals for the week, why not just re-read them here. Sad to say, but they are almost the same, I completely finished ONE, while others I worked on but did not complete.

Oh and one more thing...SOMEONE STOLE MY SUNDAY PAPER!! BOOOOOOO!! I still cannot believe it, I was so sad. The one Sunday that I did not pick me up an extra paper too.

I am praying for a calmer week...we'll see.

Linking to Menu Plan Monday @ Organized Junkie and Raising Homemakers.


  1. I'm confused why is the preschool concerned about your daughter's BMI? This new school as health care watch dog is rather bizarre. We used to only be concerned that the parents sent us the right meds and kept US updated on what WE needed to be concerned about should something happen in the classroom. I find it disturbing that the schools are trying to parent.

  2. Wow it sounds as if you have a fairly hectic schedule. I'm so blessed, because my partner does most of the cooking. I only have to think of meal plans or recipes when I actually get the urge to cook something. The homemade pizza sounds lovely. I've discovered how to make my own pasta, and it's just as nice! It's always so much nicer making things instead of buying ready-made products.

  3. Bailey, your thoughts were mine too. Even if she did have a BMI concern what on earth is the school going to do about it, ya know?

  4. I am trying to do so much better about menu planning as well. Now the BMI thing is crazy! In that picture, she just looks adorable and healthy!



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