Monday, October 10, 2011

Setting Goals: Week of 10/09

Monday, October 10, 2011

With school in full force, volunteer duties, dentist appointments, doctor appointments, practices, Scout meetings, etc. life has and will continue to be busy.

In the past I have had great success accomplishing what I need/want to do for the week by writing them down.

Why I ever stopped then, you ask?

I have no idea!

In hopes of having a more productive week, I decided to share my goals for the week. Here goes...

- Go to gym (or exercise in some way) 3x's.
- Finish reading (and then let go of) one of the many books I have started.

- Resume evening devotions with the kids

- Bake ahead, ie bread, pizza dough, dinner rolls, etc.
- Organize cabinet in bathroom

Income Supplementing:
- List fall/winter clothes on Ebay

- Send out "thinking of you" cards

I have other things I would love to accomplish, but these are on the top of the list!

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