Thursday, November 17, 2011

NO Meal Plan, NO Goals, NO Deals

Thursday, November 17, 2011
That is what you have been seeing on here the past several days.

Friday, November 11, our beautiful German Shepherd, Rusty died. He died here at our home with my husband and children by his side. While we do not know the exact cause of death, we suspect cancer. When we had taken him to the vet the previous Sunday, she was suspecting that he may have cancer. She gave us some medicine to treat his symptoms and had told us to bring him back in for blood work if we did not see improvement.

We did see improvement, in fact, the evening before he passed he seemed like his old self again.

Isn't he just gorgeous...

We sure are missing him around here.

To add to the weekend, we had to take our van to the shop....yup, it's Wednesday and it's still at the shop.

Everytime I close my eyes I see...$$$$$.

And so close to Christmas too.

Thankfully the Lord is good, so I am trying really hard not to worry about it.

Anyway, I have been doing some side work to help defray the cost of our van repairs, thus leaving my little blog to fend for itself.

Poor blog. I will be back. I promise.

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