Friday, October 28, 2011

Just Because It's Free...

Friday, October 28, 2011

I know, I know, does not mean we need it...really I do know it.

However, I really did need a floor lamp for our living room. A lamp that would give off plenty of light. So when I heard about a free floor lamp being given away on the side of the road, I had to check it out. looked nice. Had these really neat looking chandeliers hanging from each of the four "arms".


I had my mom and children with me when I pulled over to pick up this gem of a find. I waltzed my way (in a skirt and high heels, mind you) and picked it up.

Umm..tried to pick it up. The base of this floor lamp weighed at least 1,000 pounds. I struggled for a minute sure that I could do it myself, but a blood vessel in my face told my mom that I needed help.

So my mom (in a skirt and heels too) got out of the van and together we hit every single one of my kids with this new weapon got the lamp into the van.

On the way or more of dangling chandelier pieces broke.

On my daughter's head. (Don't worry she did not bleed)

Finally we got home.

My husband easily pulled the lamp out of the van and took it inside (what a show-off) and un-bound my new lamp.

Right in front of me my new lamp took on a life of its own.

Unleashed this lamp is HUGE.

AND...It gives off a tremendous amount of light.

Unfortunately, one of the arms broke, but we were able to salvage the chandelier pieces to replace those that had broken on my daughter's head on the way home.

So where does a gal put her new, kind of pretty, three "armed" floor lamp that gives off a crazy amount of light?

That's easy.

Absolutely nowhere.

We rearranged the living room time after time to find a place for this lamp, only for it to be overbearing and awkward in each spot. We finally decided to put it next to the couch (that we had to move) with the arms kind of overhanging.

It looks really awkward. My husband wants to keep it till I find a replacement."We can see really good in our living room now" he says, "yes, yes we can and so can our neighbors" I say.

Who cares if we have to put on sunscreen now when we sit on the couch so the brightness of the lamp won't burn us.

I laugh every time I walk into our living room. I have my very own Christmas Story leg lamp. It may not be a leg, but is just as funny looking!

Take a look..

It has a head and two arms, doesn't it??

And to make this even more like the familiar movie A Christmas Story my son has asked for a BB gun....

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